Very interesting for anyone looking into training for a Half-Marathon/Marathon

I was just setting up my training schedule for a sub-three hour marathon and it mentioned something about calculating your VDOT for proper training paces. I looked into it, VDOT was created by famous American running coach Jack Daniels and it’s a simple way to define your current running fitness by cross referencing a recent race time (5k-marathon) in which it creates your own personal VDOT tables that is defined by a number (30-85). The higher the VDOT number, the greater your fitness. It then gives you a break down of training paces for Easy, Marathon, Threshold, Interval, and Repetition workouts. I found this website here that calculates it for you. CHECK IT OUT! It’s supposed to be a great way of staying injury-free and getting the most out of your training.

This is great to do for all runners though!! It’s great for overall running paces in general. By entering a recent race it’ll help you out to know what pace you should run on recovery days, Tempo runs and repeats!

  1. withmysoles said: ahh I am just weeks away from the chicago marathon and have been totally guessing as to how to really train myself for it. I’ve been kinda hoping for the best… THANK YOU!
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